Haus Capitol, Bahnhofstrasse 66, Zürich
Light installation

Client: PSP Swiss Property AG
Year: 2015
Studio: WBG AG – Visuelle Kommunikation

The Light installation on the Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich is a new interpretation of what used to be Bally’s commercial signage. Being in the process of renewing the building’s front and knowing Bally was moving to another address on the Bahnhofstrasse, PSP Swiss Property asked WBG to think of a new way to use the signage in a non commercial way. The main condition was to reuse the ball-shaped structure since the city of Zurich had put a preservation order on the signage created by graphic designer Gérard Miedinger in 1968.

The new face of the 5 ball-shaped elements is a poetic and meaningful light installation, using typography to display a different word everyday of the year.
It is not there to sell anything but to give people an opportunity to think, reflect, laugh, react or simply pass in front of it without noticing.

Together with Hans Grüninger and Benedikt Flüeler, I thought of the idea, took part in the developing part of the concept and created a 600+ list of words in
5 languages that are shown everyday. I love words like THINK, MAYBE, SLEEP and BLUFF.

This project has won a silver award at “Essence 15”, the new design award for contemporary swiss graphic design. www.essence.sgv.ch/de